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Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment

Moodle is a classroom management system designed to help teachers and students interact for instructional purposes.

The 3 R's are replaced in a 21 Century classroom by the 4 C's: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Cognitive Skills.

Moodle provides a safe online environment for students to create and submit work, share ideas with group members and teachers, and save/download files all modeling 21st century classroom practices.

Web 2.0 Tools

Common Craft LogoWant to get an idea on what makes a good tutorial? The free videos available via their website or Youtube give clear "plain english" instructions on a variety of topics. So when you are trying to get an idea on how you will create your tutorials using JingProject watch a couple of their videos to give you some ideas.

    Available courses

    Welcome to 8th grade Math :)

    Welcome to 8th Grade Math! 

    Welcome to Mrs. Scott's 8th Grade Science Class! On this page you will find many resources that we will be using throughout the school year. Be sure to check it frequently. :)


    Welcome to Mrs. Campeau's 8th Grade Language Arts class!

              A year of challenge and exciting learning experiences awaits you!

                                        Second Marking Period Focus:

    Literature text- Theme 2: Lean on Me- short stories, autobiographies, poetry

    Writing- Extended response weekly; compare/contrast; argument

    Class novels- Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

    Independent novel- student choice with follow-up discussion in literature circles and responding to literature project and Read Theory





    Bienvenido a la clase de espanol!

    Do you know who exclaimed "Eureka" and why? A famous mathematician was pondering a problem a long time ago and suddenly thought of how to solve it. Welcome to 8th grade Math in Focus and Algebra 1 where we will work cooperatively and individually to find solutions to a myriad of math problems involving our Common Core State Standards: number theory, expressions and equations, functions, geometry and statistics. It is a year to investigate, explore, and discover!! You can start by investigating the stories behind eureka and myriad using sites listed in my course.

    This is a site for all of Miss Kemp's 7th and 8th Grade students with information and helpful information for Science, Social Studies, Mathand Language Arts.

    Welcome to US History!  This class is designed to study all aspects of US History from the end of the French and Indian War through post-Civil War Reconstruction. 

    Additionally, we will be examining US Government and Civics.  This is enhanced by the fact that we have a Presidential Election this year.

    We will concern ourselves with little-known and well-known facts and events.  We will be looking at the role of greed and conflict in shaping the history of our country.  In the end, we want to understand how we got where we are and all the critical decision points that drove us here.

    You will not be using the MOODLE for this class.  Simply click on the Teacherweb hyperlink below to access everything you will need.


    Welcome to 7th Grade Math! 

    If you have any trouble, please use the online textbook

    Go to: my.hrw.com

    Username: minfocus1

    Password: mathrocks


    Username: imms

    Password: braves

    If you have any trouble, please use the online textbook.

    Go to:  my.hrw.com

    Username: mfocus1

    Password: mathrocks


    Username: imms

    Password: braves

    Welcome to Mr Shultz's 8th Grade Science class!!!



    The Place for Language Arts
    Bienvenido a la clase de espanol!

    Welcome to Ms. Orichowskyj's Math Class!

    Welcome to Mrs. Sorino's Moodle Site!    

    This site is to be used by Mrs. Hall's 5th and 6th grade Language Arts classes.



    -5th Grade Math

    -6th Grade Math

    Welcome to Mrs. Hoffman's  Sixth Grade Language Arts!

    "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."

    -Joseph Addison

    Welcome to Mr. Tucker's class. A wise old  teacher once said, "knowledge is free; bring your own container." I hope you fill your "container" with the  many adventures found in books.

    Welcome to Mrs. Haas's Sixth Grade Math in Focus - Course 1 class.   You can expect to learn a variety of topics through challenging lessons.   You will, also, develop reasoning, problem solving, and communication skills that will enable you to apply mathematics to real-life experiences.   Investigation in algebra, number sense, geometry, and beyond will take place on a daily basis in this math class.

    Welcome to Ms. Orichowskyj's Math Class! +  x  -  /  ∏ ∞  ÷

    Welcome to 5th Grade Math!

                      Welcome to 5th Grade Science!

    Mrs. Horner's 2018-19 schedule

    1st period:  6th grade Science with Mr. Davies

    2nd period:  6th grade Social Studies with Dr. Taylor

    3rd period:  5th grade Math with Mrs. Reed

    6th period:  5th grade Social Studies/Science with Mrs. Davies

    Please check the teacher's Moodle page for class information.

    Welcome To Mrs. Davies 5th Grade Language Arts: Writing 

    Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies!

    Let's Explore the World!

     Ms. Carr's 5th Grade Language Arts!

    Welcome to Mr. Bowe's Art Class!


    Welcome to IMMS Health and Physical Education

    Look here for updated rehearsal schedules and upcoming events!

    Welcome to MUSIC! This page has information for all grade levels. Check it out to stay up to date with your musical knowledge.

    Math Websites and links for parents and students in Fourth Grade

    WELCOME to Mrs. Wilson's 4th Grade Class!

    This year we will expand our use of multimedia applications as we dabble in podcasting and video production. It's sure to be an exciting interactive year.

    Welcome to Ms. Simon's Class!

    We will explore websites that help us strengthen academic skills. We'll also begin to use multimedia applications, such as Google Slides and PowToon, to present facts and information about many fun and interesting topics. We will learn about designing and manufacturing things with our 3D printer, too. It's going to be a technology-filled year.

    Third graders delve into many interesting topics and areas of interest!  We use the skills we developed in first and second grade to dive deeper into our learning as we explore math, science, social studies and literature concepts.

    Welcome to Mrs.Howard's class

    Welcome to Room 10, Mr. McCorristin's Class!

    In Second Grade we will continue to build our technology vocabulary and expand our use of multimedia software. We will also learn to safely search the Internet as we discover information and explore the infinite resources available to us.

    Welcome to our First Grade Moodle page where we will explore, learn and grow with the help of technology.

    Welcome to Mrs. Hendron's Moodle Page

    Welcome Back! 

    Welcome Parents and Students!

    This school year I will be working with Mrs. Hendron's first graders.

    Check our websites regularly for curriculum and activities.  




    Hi everyone and welcome to the Basic Skills Program for 3rd and 4th Grade.   We will continously be working on fluency skills, decoding words, reading comprehension, and all wonderful things related to reading.   If you ever need to contact me, my email is rmacrae@ims.k12.nj.us.     Let's get to reading!

    Welcome to RTI with Mrs. Haines and Mrs. DuBoff!

    Welcome to Mrs. Babbitt's Library Class!

    Indian Mills Elementary School  students in kindergarten grade through fourth grade study some basic Spanish words and expressions.

    Welcome to IMAGE --  Indian Mills Academic Gifted Education!

    Resources for K-4 teachers to accompany and enhance the Journeys Reading Program.

    Locate your grade level block for links to a variety of material to supplement the Journeys curriculum.

    Tutorials for Google Apps. Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Classroom, and more to come.

    We are Super Computer Users!

    Welcome to Mrs. Trauger's Kindergarten Class website!


    Welcome to Mrs. Gibbons & Mrs. Mendez's Kindergarten Website.

    Here you will find all of the fun things going on in the Ducky Class!!!

    Welcome to my Moodle! I hope it is a "healthy Moodle"! On my webpage I have updated health information and common health forms you may need...Please contact me with any questions or concerns.....Stay Healthy Nurse Simpson

    Welcome to IMMS! My name is Heather Cosper.  Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns.  I am available from 7:40 to 2:40 daily.


    Welcome to my Moodle webpage! I hope you find some helpful information.

    Welcome to Mrs. Goldstein's Pre-School Class!